Empathy, kindness, understanding are all skills that underpin the nursing profession and are much easier to appreciate when seen is action. Conversely, observing bad practice is a good learning tool. Neglect, laziness and even cruelty are painful to witness, and something as a young nurse you don’t forget, and promise yourself you’ll never do.

I did my post graduate Psychiatric training after qualifying as a Registered General Nurse. I realised mental health touches all areas of care and is at the forefront of illness and poor health. The course was fascinating and has been invaluable in my career.

I left hospital nursing when I had my family and entered primary care clinical work. I have been a practice nurse for sixteen years and love it. My job entails seeing a wide variety of health problems, health promotion and educations. I help individuals manage their chronic diseases as well as carrying out a wide range of nursing skills. My job is interesting, always changing and challenging. It offers the opportunity to enhance patient’s lives – this is a great privilege.

Nursing is a lifelong learning process.

Nursing career

  • Practice Nurse Park Medical Group Newcastle
  • Practice Nurse Lane End Surgery Newcastle
  • Practice Nurse Beaumont Park Surgery North Tyneside
  • Sexual Health Nurse Newcastle City Health Trust Clinic Nurse
  • Nottingham Health Authority Senior Staff Nurse
  • Medical ward Western General Hospital Health
  • Screening Sister BNA
  • Senior Staff Nurse Freeman Hospital Newcastle renal ward
  • Post graduate Psychiatric Training University of South Manchester
  • Staff Nurse Adolescent Ward St Mary’s Hospital Manchester
  • Student Nurse Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Nursing Awards

  • Recipient of two Queen’s Nursing Institute Awards (2008 and 2009 )
  • Practice Nurse Finalist of the year 2005
  • Nursing Articles and Publications

  • Independent Nurse The culture of blame must change (Jan 2016)
  • Independent Nurse Time for policy to influence health (Sep 2015)
  • Independent Nurse THE NHS deserves action, not words (18 May 2015)
  • Independent Nurse The nuances of end-of-life care (6 Apr 2015)
  • Independent Nurse Drug addicts need specialist help (2 Jun 2014)
  • Independent Nurse A to Z of baby immunisation (19 Aug 2013)
  • Independent Nurse Olympic Homage to the NHS (Aug 2012)
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  • Practice Nursing Writing for Recovery (Vol 19 no 4 April 2008 p208)