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Little Crackers – Long-listed Frank O’Connor Award and Edgehill Prize 2015

‘A standout entry’ Dr Rodge Glass

‘A terrifically dark and frightening collection, Little Crackers jolts with electricity and Malice’ Mslexia

‘These stories challenge the very idea that such a state as Normal exists’ James Robertson

‘Full of surprising twists and outcomes – taking the reader on a journey through other people’s unique stories.’ Matthew Bradbury Queen’s Nursing Institute

Little Crackers front cover

Chameleon - a Read Regional Recommendation 2011 Long-listed Edgehill Prize 2012

‘A divine compilation. They will have you chuckling or wide-eyed in shock, and mix the traditional fairy tale with Fantastic contemporary punches. Her Writing is never less than beautiful to read.’ Crack Magazine

‘A lovely collection of beautifully written, sad and funny stories’ Carys Bray

Chameleon front cover

Writer's tip of the day

Residentials. If you get the chance to go on one, GO. I've found having time to write in a new place is like doing a psyche handstand, underneath all the rubbish are some really good thoughts.


23/06/2018 - Scottish Poetry library
15/04/2018 - Launch of 'Poems for Grenfell Tower'
15/04/2018 - 2018 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine
07/04/2018 - Reading at New Art Social
09/03/2018 - New Fiction Bursary 2016